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Oversized Frame Metal Sunglasses Supplier BVT220705

“Low-key luxury, ultimate beauty and professional craftsmanship”, or “a combination of low-key luxury brand features and innovative aesthetics”

  • Frames Material: Acetate or Metal
  • Lens Material: Nylon or Polarized
  • Lens Colors: Multi / Black / Grey / Clear / Brown / G15(Subject to the actual color of the picture)
  • Products Name: London Design glasses
  • MOQ: 10pcs/per model
  • Logo: Original logo
  • Order: Accept OEM or ODM ( MOQ : 600pcs/per model)
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  • It aims to reflect the brand’s purpose of combining exquisite craftsmanship, innovative design, practical functions and high-quality materials, and also convey the eternal essence of the brand.

    The workmanship and materials are more elegant, and the following three points are good proofs:

    1. Black leather woven sunglasses

    The temples are covered in signature lambskin for a unique detailing that makes a difference. Large frame design, classic black frame, bright color, and the black leather packaged in the temples want to echo, not only highlights the elegant features as a whole, but also highlights the use of color matching and overall design, the design of large-frame glasses, The line design focuses on highlighting the thick and sturdy characteristics, which are integrated with the packaging texture of the black leather on the temples, showing a soft and atmospheric style.

    2. Acetate Sunglasses

    The sunglasses feature a lightweight, over-round frame for a refined, feminine feel, while the transparent half hinge highlights the signature weave pattern. There are three marker studs on the end of each temple arm. The lenses and frames of these acetate sunglasses are of high quality in terms of color and luster. The color is high, and the overall look is not only bright but also faintly elegant. The line design highlights the gentle characteristics of women, and the design of the frame and temples is very good in addition to the graceful beauty of women.

    Three, polka dot pattern sunglasses

    Inspired by the metal corner protectors used to reinforce rigid bags and clutches, this style is beautiful, light and understated, with a woven pattern visible through the transparent temples. The biggest difference from other styles is the difference in the frame. This sunglasses use more popular colors in the design. At first glance, there are some features of leopard print, but this one can be seen in the design of the pattern. It also has the characteristics of three-dimensional, the appearance of the pattern is not a simple plane effect, but has multiple effects, through the transparent temples, it shows different characteristics.

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