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Mayya glasses manufacturer: Is it difficult to make a pair of titanium frames?

Before understanding how a pair of titanium frames is manufactured by an eyewear factory, you should know that titanium frames will actually be further distinguished. You must know that some shops on the market say that titanium frames are actually more alloyed titanium.

1 The most expensive and best titanium frame at present: B titanium, ultra-thin and ultra-light, but its physical phenomenon is much more complicated than processing steel, which makes B titanium processing face huge difficulties, so better equipment and higher The rate of defective products is relatively high, so the cost is relatively the highest.

2 Pure titanium: light in weight, corrosion-resistant, not easy to deform, generally in the form of titanium pillars, much lighter than other metals, but heavier than titanium sheets, and the shape is not as good as flakes. This is the mainstream titanium product in many stores.

3 Alloy titanium: It is an alloy of titanium and other metals, which is easily deformed by extrusion, has low plasticity, low material price, and is less difficult to process than pure titanium, but it is also well done.

Next, the glasses factory said: Why is titanium so expensive, and what is its good role?

1. Light and thin: The thinness of glasses is a trend. After all, the more comfortable you wear on your eyes, the better. Frameless glasses have a unique flavor when you wear them. Therefore, half-rim and full-rim glasses, titanium One of the best options for racks.

2 Safety: biocompatibility, titanium is relatively good, that is, it is harmless to the human body or the damage is the least —- titanium is a material that is really good for some people when it comes. Non-toxic, titanium cannot actually react with human muscles and bones, so titanium is the best choice for those who are prone to skin allergies, and glasses processing factories also recommend users to use titanium frames.

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Post time: Sep-03-2022