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How to correct the crooked glasses frame, Mayya glasses will teach you

How to correct the crooked glasses frame? If the mirror surface of the glasses is not flat, it will cause one side to be close to the eye and the other side to be far away. In fact, as long as the glasses are skewed, the optical center point of the lens will not correspond to the pupil, which will cause eye fatigue for a long time. Increase, so it is very important to know how to correct the crooked spectacle frame. Today, Mayya has sorted out the solution on how to correct the crooked spectacle frame.

The glasses frame is crooked and needs attention, and it is generally recommended to go to a special optical shop for adjustment. Before adjustment, you should tighten each screw on the frame before you can start the adjustment. Otherwise, it is impossible to adjust in place. When adjusting, you should adjust the mirror surface first, then the temple, and finally the nose pads. After the glasses are adjusted, let you wear them. Then look at the curvature and length of the temples behind your ears. It is advisable to lower your head and gently shake the glasses so that they do not slide down, and then fine-tune them according to your overall wearing situation.

After the glasses are adjusted, you should also pay attention to maintenance. When putting on and taking off the glasses, be sure to take them off with both hands, otherwise the uneven force on both sides of the frame will cause the frame to deform. If it is frequently deformed and adjusted, it will shorten the service life of the glasses, and try to put them in the mirror case when not in use. , to prevent it from being pressed when not paying attention, and be sure to remove it when sleeping.

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Post time: Aug-17-2022