The overall process: connect a single to make a half-finished product and a finished product packaging

  • 1. PC group process: open single and single invoice
    2. Design team process: design development-drawing-complex color
    3. Prototype group process: CNC processing, engraving, and release the prototype according to the drawing requirements
    4. Circle group process: make the eye nucleus (blue film), make a circle, and then ship it

  • 5.Accessories hydraulic group process: heat treatment hydraulic mold (stainless steel, oil-generated heat, not easy to soften) a grinding mold, a grinder, a mold opening, a sample, a draw, a bend, a hydraulic pressure, a trimming and a rolling bucket
    6. Accessory punching group process: file material, accessory processing (milling machine, drilling machine, hand beer machine (twisting and bending)-complete welding, holding frame, barrel, polishing, and QC (equivalent to control inspection department)

  • 7. Burning group process:
    A Burning clip mouth (full frame), a gong clip mouth-burning the bridge of the nose, burning the beam, burning the pipe, burning the hinge, burning the bow shell, adding silver (conducive to welding), and burning the rack
    B. Nose bridge burning group process: car eye core, gong nose bridge (60%), nose bridge, grinding rough (the glue spleen is polished when the hinge is applied), a pipe is burned

  • 8. Glue accessories group process: (including tips, glue ratio, glue trim material) documentary → cutting (155mi) → comparing → clamping mold → copper wire → gong ratio → car ratio fancy → manual → bending Than tail a viscose (when the hinge is up) → cut ratio → round the foot cover, wear a bead, a barrel, and assemble (i.e. gong cut foot cover, glue ratio, rubber trim) → polish a QC packaging axis related proportional coefficient ( A circle size) frame curvature 45bend / 60bend / 80bend / 100bend / 120bend . Scale factor 9 bits / 12 bits / 16 bits



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