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What kind of glasses do you think is the most fashionable?

Clip on sunglasses is a combination of myopic glasses and polarized sunglasses, which can effectively eliminate strong reflected light and astigmatic light, soften the light, and make the scenery visible to the human eye clear and natural. The lenses are often black or dark to avoid Sunlight, especially ultraviolet rays irritate the eyes, has the function of polarizing light, so it can block all harmful light without affecting the transmission of visible light, which can truly protect the eyes, and it also has the function of preventing Glare, reflected light on the road, scales on the water, etc., suitable for driving, fishing, traveling, daily wear, etc.

Smart audio sunglasses is a combination of TWS earphones + Sunglasses. It is connected with mobile phone, then enjoy the music and convenient to reply calling when driving, traveling or doing sports.  It will be a new and hot trend of fashion.



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