What's fashion ice cream design for glasses storage in traveling or outdoor ?

At present, spectacle cases are not only to prevent spectacles, but are also a popular and distinctive product. Whether it is sunglasses or myopia, a spectacle case is needed to protect the glasses from damage and to avoid scratches. Young people now pursue Individual fashion has also become a carrier of fashion consumption.
The lens of the glasses is facing upwards. Do not scratch the lens. Put the glasses into the glasses case when not in use. It is best to wrap the lenses with a glasses cloth for a few turns, so that the lenses will be protected by the lens cloth. Put it on the bottom and wrap the lens. When wiping it clockwise and counterclockwise when there are large particles, blow away the large particles and wipe again. It is best if it is a microfiber glasses cloth.
The advantages are: simple structure, small space occupation, convenient to carry, light and comfortable.

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